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How to SEND additional IELTS Test Report Forms to all the universities that you applied to.


How to send your IELTS score to universities by post

Most universities will ask to see an original copy of your IELTS Test Report Form, as  photocopies will not be accepted.

We strongly advise that you retain your original copy and keep it somewhere safe rather than sending it out to a university or anywhere else just in case it goes missing in transit. 

IELTS can supply up to five additional copies free of charge and send these direct to the universities you are applying to on your behalf. (These additional Test Report Forms cannot be sent direct to you; only to your chosen universities).

If you would like IELTS to do this, simply include the relevant university addresses on the Test Taker portal within two years of taking the test. 

If your test centre has closed, you can ask for your IELTS results to be sent to your additional organisations by filling in the application for additional TRFs (from closed test centres) form This service is available for up to two years from your test date.

If you took your test at a test centre in the USA, you can request that the test centre send copies of your TRF to up to five institutions for free (postal fees may apply if the institution is outside the USA). 

If you need additional Test Report Forms sent to your chosen organisation after your test date, you will need to fill in an IELTS USA Test Report Form request  (administrative and/or postal fees may apply).

If you have an eTRF, you can print it out yourself and send it to your chosen universities by post.

How to send your IELTS score to universities electronically

While paper versions remain the norm  for most universities, some have now subscribed to the electronic download of IELTS scores.

Please check with your chosen university[s] before sending a hard copy of your results or asking IELTS to do so. If the universities you wish to apply to are registered for electronic download, IELTS can send up to ten e-copies free of charge. 

Alternatively, if you have taken IELTS Online or IELTS on a computer in some countries (Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Occupied Palestinian Territories or Qatar),  you can request an e-TRF from the Test Taker portal.

If you have an eTRF, you can also send this directly to the universities you are applying to via email. There’s no limit to how often you can do this, providing your eTRF is less than two years old.

In some instances, a university may accept a scanned copy of your (paper) Test Report Form. In that case, you can scan the form and submit it as a PDF.

How to send your IELTS score to universities as a PDF:

  • First scan your form and save it in PDF format
  • Then go to the website of the university you’re applying to
  • Find the section on admissions requirements
  • Follow the instructions for submitting your IELTS results
  • Upload your PDF and submit it
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